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How to lose weight fast in 2 weeks 10 kg at home

How to Lose Weight Fast

 How to lose weight fast in 2 weeks 10 kg at home 

See yourself Can't see the flaws in your body? Start with the eyes and avoid spending so much time on the computer. A new study showed that the eyes are the biggest consumer of electricity at night. They're at peak focus for approximately six hours of the day, when we need to look at things like a computer screen. At night, our focus changes to our sleeping eyes. So they consume lots of energy, too. Learn to combat this distraction by keeping the screen as far away from your face as possible. You can also use computer background filters to reduce blue light's yellow hue and make you less inclined to squint. And of course, invest in a pair of dark-brown glasses. Step on the scale If you're a normal person, weighing yourself regularly is more of a hassle than anything. But it can help you see progress more easily. If you're a big fan of cheat days, for example, seeing a number move in the right direction every day may lead to a greater chance of consistency. No one is going to want to pay for regular gym memberships when they know you can just go outside and hit the treadmill. And keep in mind: many people focus on their clothes, rather than their bodies. Weight gain is mostly in your head, so if you get into the habit of focusing on body fat and muscle rather than pounds, you may find it easier to see those wins. Eat for beauty What's good for your body is also good for your face. Make the most of herbs and spices, fruits, veggies, and good fats. How much? That's a personal choice. Experts typically say there's no hard-and-fast amount to reach for, but we'd suggest mixing things up more often than you might think. In general, keep the fruits high in natural sugars — think grapes, bananas, and mangoes — and the vegetables low in calories and high in fiber. The fats can vary, but coconut oil, olive oil, and avocados are usually safe bets. Stick to it Eat healthily and you'll likely get healthier, too. (Thinkstock) When you want to make changes that stick, you've got to be committed and focused. If you're just getting started, plan to make small changes each day. Don't say no to lunch out with the gang if it would just lead to one cheeseburger after another. It's a slippery slope. Eat lots of colorful fruits and veggies, and limit or stop eating all of the junk food in the house. It's OK to cheat every once in a while — if you're really motivated, your body will adjust. It might take some experimenting to find your sweet spot but remember: No matter what, consistency is key. It won't happen overnight, but don't let it slide once you've been exercising for a few weeks. Do a full-body workout at least three times a week and eat a healthy, balanced diet. Small changes won't yield big results, but it's better to have some change than nothing.


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