Due to the increasing number of retail investors in the stock market, record demat and trading accounts have been opened in this year.

Best Demat and Trading Account in India 2022
Best Demat and Trading Account in India 2022 

About 2.74 crore demat accounts have been opened in the period from January to November 2021. In contrast, 1.05 crore demat accounts were opened in the whole of 2020.

If you are searching for Best Demat and Trading Account in India, then you are at right place. This article will help you to choose the best Demat and Trading Account.

Before proceeding further, if you are new to the stock market, then first know some basics such as: - How does the stock market work? And why do you need a demat and trading account?

What is Share Market?

If a company needs money to expand their business, they have two options: - Take loan from banks and sell some part of their business to raise funds.

Initially, when a company needs money from the public, they bring IPO-IPO (Initial Public Offer) in the primary market and they offer their shares to public and large institutions. ) to sell.

Anyone can apply in IPO-IPO (Initial Public Offer-Initial Public Offer).

Any stock in the secondary market after selling shares in the primary market and listed in stock markets such as BSE-BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE-NSE (National Stock Exchange-National Stock Exchange) or Can buy and sell shares.

Why you Need a Demat and Trading Account?

To buy stocks from the secondary market, you need a demat and trading account. With a trading account, you can buy stocks listed on the stock market, place orders and place shares.

Till a few years ago, stocks were kept in physical format. At that time it was not easy to manage the share/shares.

With the introduction of demat account, holding of stock became easy. You can store your stock in a digital format in a demat account.

Whenever you buy a new stock it is added to your demat account and when you sell your stock it is deducted from your demat account.

With this modern technology, buying and selling of stocks has become very easy.

For this, a Demat and Trading Account is required to trade and invest in the stock market.

If you are planning to do a lot of intraday trades, then you should choose a company that charges low brokerage and demat charges.

Some brokerage companies also offer free lifetime demat and trading accounts, which is a great option to save on various demat charges.

If you are a long-term investor and do not invest regularly then you should not worry about brokerage and demat charges.

Nowadays, every stock broking company invests and trades in the stock market through online platforms, mobile platforms, desktop-based software and dealers. Trade) offers various methods.

In this way it is very easy to invest in the stock market. You can buy and sell stocks directly from your mobile apps.

There are two types of brokerage firms, a full investment service provider and a budget broker. Budget brokers mostly offer online account services, and charge less brokerage than traditional broking firms.

It is up to you which broking firm you choose.

If you are a regular trader, budget brokers are for you and if you are an investor, you can opt for traditional broking firms that provide the service of investment calls.

Now is the time to share some of the best Demat and Trading Accounts in India.

Top 10 Demat and Trading Account in India

1. Zerodha

Zerodha is one of the best broking companies in India with more than 8+ lakh customers. Zerodha started its operations in August 2010. At present their trading turnover is more than Rs 10,000 crore per day.

The best thing about Zerodha is that they do not charge any brokerage on Equity Delivery Investment in NSE or BSE.

It is a good option for small investors, they can save a lot of money on brokerage. If you are an intraday trader or F&O trader, you will have to pay only ₹20 or 0.01% of brokerage. This way traders can save a lot of money even on brokerage charges.

With Zerodha you can open a Demat and Trading Account, and also invest in Mutual Funds.

Zerodha has heavily invested in technology. It provides the facility of one of the best trading platforms.

Their trading platform is known as Kite. Kite comes as a web-based trading platform and a mobile app. With the Kite platform you can view live market data and advanced charts and place orders.

The main features of (Zerodha) Demat and Trading Account) are as follows:-

(Trading Account Opening Charges)(Nil)
AMC (Annual maintenance charges)(₹300/year)
(Demat Account Opening Charges)₹300 (One time)
(Brokerage Equity Delivery)zero brokerage
(Brokerage Equity Intraday)0.01% or ₹20 per executed order (whichever is less)
(Brokerage Equity Futures)0.01% or ₹20 per executed order (whichever is less)
(Brokerage Equity Options)Flat ₹20 per executed order
(Commodity Brokerage Future)0.01% or ₹20 per executed order (whichever is less)
Commodity Brokerage Options)0.01% or ₹20 per executed order (whichever is less)
DP Charges)₹ 13.5 per scrip (depending on the quantity)

2. Upstox

Upstox is one of the leading Stock Brokers in India, backed by Mr. Ratan Tata and Tiger Global Management.

Upstox provides a robust trading platform from which to trade Stocks, Mutual Funds, IPOs, Futures and Options, and Commodity. You can invest in Trading.

Upstox has more than 50 lakh customers.

In Upstox, you can trade and invest through your trading account from anywhere. You can use desktop, Android, or iOS applications to make your trades and investments easier.

Furthermore, you can access stock charting software from your trading account, which is packed with amazing features for any trader or investor's need.

Since Upstox is an online stockbroker. That's why they offer a very competitive brokerage plan, which is as follows:-

(Mutual Funds) and (IPOs)zero brokerage
(Futures), and (Options), (Currency) and (Commodity)₹20 or 0.05% (whichever is less)
(Equity Delivery)₹20 or 2.5%, (whichever is less)
As you can see, the brokerage rates are very low on Upstox. Which any new investor or trader can afford and traders can save a lot of money on brokerage.

Although Upstox is a budget broker, they are very supportive of their customers.

The main features of Upstox are as follows:-

Demat Account Maintenance Charges ₹0
Account Opening Charges ₹0
Brokerage credit valid for first 30 days ₹2000
Mutual Funds and IPO ₹0 Brokerage

3. Kotak Securities Demat & Trading Account

Kotak Securities does not need any introduction. It is one of the most popular demat and trading account providers.

With a Kotak Securities account, you can trade in stocks, invest in Mutual Funds, Bonds, Government Securities, ETFs.

One can track the portfolio from their website and generate profit and loss statement of capital gains for submitting income tax return.

You can invest in Kotak Securities using Online Portal, Desktop Software and Mobile App. They provide the popular trading software Keat, which allows you to check market details and use charts to make appropriate trading decisions.

Kotak Securities also provide investment recommendation for free. It is a good broking firm but a bit expensive.

With this securities one can open a 3 in 1 Trinity Account, which offers a Demat & Trading Account and a Savings Account with Kotak Bank. Trading with this account becomes easy and one can easily invest in IPOs.

4. 5Paisa Demat and Trading Account

5Paisa.com is a budget broker backed by IIFL. 5Paisa.com is the best broking firm for those who regularly trade in stock market or stock market as they do not have to pay brokerage on percentage basis.

It charges a flat rate of ₹10 per trade. This means that whatever quantity you buy, you only have to pay ₹10 per trade. It can be one stock or 1,00,000 stocks but you will pay only ₹10.

At 5Paisa.com you can trade online on your mobile, or with desktop-based software.

Benefits of 5Paisa.com :-

Flat Brokerage of ₹10 per trade
No DP charges.
Free Stock Advisory.
You can invest in Mutual Funds and Insurance through the same account.
Account Opening Charges – ₹650 (One Time)
Annual Maintenance Charges – ₹400
Not only this, they also provide advisory service for free.

5. Religare Demat and Trading Account

Religare Broking is a leading stock broking company in India, which is operating since 1994.

Services like Religare Equity Trading, Derivatives, Commodity, Currency Trading, Mutual Funds, IPOs, and Depository Services etc. provides.

In Religare you can trade through web, mobile app, and call. They also provide free research reports and model portfolio services.

The main features of Religare Demat and Trading Account are as follows:-

Demat and Trading Account Opening Charges Zero (Nil)
Annual Maintenance Charges ₹500 per year (1st year free)
DP Charges ₹12 per transaction
Brokerage intraday 0.05%
Brokerage – Delivery 0.50%
Offline order charges ₹10 per offline order

6. Angel Broking

Angel Broking is another popular stock broking firm in India, which is doing business since 1987. They have a Pan India network of 98 Branches and more than 9000 Sub-Broker/BusinessAssociates.

If you trade on margin, you can increase your limit in just one phone call.

In Angel Broking you can open a Demat & Trading Account for free. You can bargain on brokerage charges while opening your account.

They provide investment facility in almost all exchanges like BSE and NSE for Equity, NSDL, and MCX for Commodities, Currency trading etc.

They offer Stock Trading through an Online Platform, Desktop Software, and Mobile App. You can always trade by calling the dealer.

The main features of Angel Broking Demat & Trading Account are as follows:-

Demat & Trading Account Opening Charge Zero(Nil)
Demat Account AMC Charges ₹450 per year
Equity Intraday Brokerage 0.0128% to 0.04%
Equity Delivery Brokerage 0.13 to 0.40%
Brokerage Commodity 0.128% to 0.4%
Brokerage Options ₹32 to ₹50 per lot
Trading Platforms – Angel Eye for web, Mobile, and Desktop software

Angel Broking offers its clients a popular stock trading platform, which is Angel Eye. Angel Eye is available for all platforms.

Angel Eye Mobile App is an amazing app in which you can trade in stock market from mobile.

Angel Speed ​​Pro is a desktop-based software that helps you trade like a professional with historical data of the last 20 years.

 7. ICICI Direct Demat & Trading Account

ICICI Direct is one of the oldest and largest stock broking companies in India with over 20 lakh customers. One can invest in all equity related instruments in ICICI Direct.

With ICICI Direct you can invest in Equity, Derivatives, SIPs, Mutual Funds, IPOs, and Bonds etc.

ICICI Direct offers 3 in 1 trading account, through which one can get ICICI Bank Saving Account, Trading Account and Demat Account. Money transfer from this account to trading account becomes easy.

If you are an investor and do not trade regularly, ICICI Direct can be a good option. If you are a trader who buys and sells stocks regularly, it will cost you dearly as the brokerage of ICICI Direct is very high.

If you compare ICICI Direct brokerage plans with budget broking companies, you will find that ICICI Direct is very expensive but they are known for their service.

The main features of ICICI Direct Demat & Trading Account are as follows:-

Account Opening Charges ₹975
Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC-AMC) ₹700 per year
Equity Brokerage in I-Secure Plan 0.55%(Delivery), 0.275%(Intraday)
Trading Platforms – Web-based Platform and Trade Racer for Desktop

8. Motilal Oswal Demat & Trading Account

If you are a long-term investor and looking for solid investment advice, then Motilal Oswal with over 30 years of experience is for you.

Motilal Oswal Services 10+ Lakh Customers and Provided a Wide Range of Investment Solutions. With the help of which you can invest in Equity, IPO, F&O, Mutual Funds, Commodity, Currency, Insurance etc.

Motilal is the best in Market Research and provides Solid Research Reports to its clients along with long-term, short-term investment ideas. These are not budget brokers.

Motilal Oswal provides a Robot Trading Platform. Through which you can invest or trade in BSE, NSE, NCDEX, MCX etc. It provides a stock trading platform for all devices like mobile, tablet, desktop and web.

The main features of Motilal Oswal Demat & Trading Account are as follows:-

Demat Account Opening Charge Zero (Nil)
Trading Account Opening Charge Zero (Nil)
Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC-AMC) ₹400 per year
Brokerage free for the first month
Equity Intraday Brokerage 0.05%
Brokerage Equity Delivery 0.5%
Equity Futures Brokerage 0.05%
Brokerage Equity Options ₹75 per lot

9. Sharekhan Demat & Trading Account

Sharekhan is a popular stock broker, which is operating in India for a long time. In 2015, Sharekhan was acquired by BNP Paribas.

Sharekhan is serving more than 12 lakh customers and has more than 1800 offices in 550 cities of India.

Sharekhan can invest in Equity, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, ETFs, IPOs etc. You can invest through web portal, desktop-based software, mobile app and traditional phone-based ordering.

Sharekhan offers two types of trading accounts. One Classic Account and the other Active Trader Account. The Classic account is useful for investors and the Active Trader account for those who trade on a daily or regular basis.

The Active Trader account will be accompanied by the popular trading software TradeTiger that allows you to track multiple exchanges like BSE, NSE, MCX etc.

The main features of Sharekhan Demat and Trading Account are as follows:-

Demat and Trading Account Opening Charges Zero (Nil)
Annual Maintenance Charges ₹750
0.1% (minimum 5 paise/share) on brokerage equity intraday sell and buy
Brokerage Equity Delivery 0.5% (minimum 10 paise/share)
Equity Futures Brokerage 0.1%
Brokerage Equity Options ₹100 per lot or 2.5% at a premium (whichever is higher)

10. SBICap Securities Trading and Demat Account

SBICap Securities is a subsidiary of State Bank of India, which provides Equity Services and Demat Account.

With SBICap Securities you can invest in Equity, Equity Derivatives, Currency Market, IPOs, Mutual Funds, NCDS etc and you can apply for Home Loan, Car Loan etc.

SBICap Securities offers online and offline trading options.

Some of the features of SBICap Securities Demat & Trading Account :-

Account Opening Charge ₹850
Account Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC-AMC) ₹800/year
Equity Intraday Brokerage 0.075%
Equity Delivery Brokerage 0.50%
Brokerage Equity Futures 0.03% – 0.05%
Brokerage Equity Options ₹100
Call and trade charge 30 calls free every month thereafter ₹ 10 per call
Now that you know some of the best brokerage firms, it is time to select the best stock broker with whom you want to start your trading career.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, we have tried to delve deep into every broking house that has the potential to become your favourite.

We hope you need this list of Best Trading and Demat Accounts in India and don't forget to share with the broking firm you are working with. 

People also ask :

Which is the best Stock Broker?

Zerodha is one of the best stock broker in the entire country. It has a rating of a solid 9.5/10.
The best brokers provide their clients with a plethora of products and services to help them with their investments.

Which is the best discount broker in India?

Zerodha is the best discount broker in India.
It is very helpful for traders.

Which of these stockbrokers has the lowest brokerage charges?

Zerodha has the lowest Brokerage Charges among all companies. This is a very important factor for investors and traders.

What is a Broker?

A broker is an individual or firm that acts as an intermediary between an investor and a securities exchange.

Why is a Broker needed?

A broker is required to buy or sell stocks and make investments.

How do Brokers make their money?

Brokers make money through fees and commissions.

Is Zerodha safe?

Yes, Zerodha is as safe as any other stockbroker in India.

How to start online trading online stockbroker?

Four steps to start online trading in India:
1. The first step would be to find an online stockbroker.
2. Open Demat and Trading Account.
3. Login to your Demat and Trading account and add money.
4. View stock details and start trading.

How to choose a good broker?

Following are the 5 factors to consider while choosing the best stock brokerage firm in India:
1. Trading Costs
2. Trading Platforms
3. Margin Leverage
4. Research Capabilities
5. Customer Services

Which is the oldest broker in India?

Angel Broking is one of the oldest of the Indian Stock Broking House with its establishment in 1987.
Motilal Oswal also started in 1987, is one of the oldest Stock Broking Houses in the country.

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